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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Americans are supposedly for the little guy, the underdog. We laud ourselves on our commitment to human-rights and all that ‘hugging around a campfire’ crap.

Thing is, it’s all just lip-service. Not even the kind of lip-service you can get in Vancouver’s Downtown-Eastside or L.A.’s Sunset Strip.

No, it’s the kind you get from a Congressman every two years. When it comes to human-rights, American’s are catfish; all mouth and no ass.

However, that may not be as damning–or damnable–as it sounds, a fact which two examples will make heartbreakingly clear.

1: The massacre of Syrian civilians by the Al-Assad régime, a hereditary clan of terrorists, for whom killing is as natural as breathing and mass carnage as natural as sex.

Let me preface the following comments with this factoid; the late genius, Steve Jobs was Syrian. He was raised by an American family, but he looked like a Syrian and inherited their high intelligence.

Keeping that in mind,Syria has both thriving chemical and biological weapons programs.  Imagine Steve Jobs running an Anthrax facility or a VX plant.

Syria has sleeper agents in numerous nations, particularly the United States.

This is why our hands are tied. Like or drinking water to be drinkable and our air to be breathable. If we launched an attack on Syria or provided matériel for the rebels, we could easily have twenty million dead Americans within seventy-two hours.

Sorry guys; wish we could help.

2: China’s continued autocratic government, persecution of anyone who even breathes wrong and their supply of matériel to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly known as North Korea.

The first thing you need to realise is that while our population is three-hundred ten million,China’s population is one point three billion. Their middle class and military are each as large as the entire U.S population. As my grandfather used to tell his students, if you spaced the Chinese two metres apart in a one kilometre wide column and began marching them into the ocean, you would never run out of people.

China has 4.2 times as many people as the United States or, putting it in different terms, a quarter of Earths’ population.

Chinais also the largest foreign holder of U.S.debt.

They own us so thoroughly that, were they to call in all the loans or sell the Treasury bonds they are holding, the U.S. Dollar would become as worthless as a Wiemar Mark. You could use it as rolling papers for your next blunt or toilet tissue for your next sojourn to the washroom.

China has also made amazing leaps in technology, thanks to industrial espionage and that of the usual variety.

They have stealth aircraft. They have nuclear ICBMS, which we know work because a modified version launches taikonauts into space.

Most importantly, the Chinese have developed a ‘carrier-killer’ antiship missile, capable of neutralising any o four nuclear supercarriers, should they venture too close to PLA positions.

The Chinese could execute dissidents, place their heads on pikes along the parameter of Tienanmen Square and offer their organs for worldwide shipping, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing we could do, short of all-out nuclear war.

The fact that managed to get one dissident to the United States isn’t the miracle it seems to be, but merely means he wasn’t that important and that the PRC felt a token ‘rescue’ would shut us up, so they could return to business as usual.

The United States will fight for the underdogs, so long as their oppressors haven’t the might or technology to pose a credible risk.

That’s what we’re down to; the United States only attacks backward or essentially defenseless nations because we want to bleed enough to show we’ve been in a fight, but not enough to hurt.

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